What happens when you throw a lightweight indie-pop singer-songwriter into the studio with some powerful, old-school rock hitters? You get…. the Coronation Kings! The Coronation Kings, playing a set of self-penned original material take you for a genre-hopping leap across song writing's golden periods. You find yourself saying “ that sounds like.. … “ but you can’t pin it down. What it is, is a unique blend of sounds and influences played with feel. You might not spot some of the influences behind this band, such as REM, Tom Petty or Geoff Buckley, Bowie or Ashcroft, but they are all in there. What you will hear are rousing guitar-based rock songs delivered with a mature verve, and passion.

And the sound, think English, think American, think rock, indie and pop, no boundaries, just songs from the heart with meaning and drive.

Listen to this band once and it will all make perfect sense, it is music driven by the love of playing and the art of song writing.

This new five-piece of old friends, hail from the East of England, forming in early 2018 with a view to an album and some live shows, purely for the self-indulgent love of music. The CK’s are Mark Holmes and Paul Hale , Richard Barrett , John Hickleton and Frank Morrow .


The new 'Cathel and Me' album is now available to purchase as a physical CD with a

special lyrics insert from this site, see Merchandise.


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